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This Wiki is run & edited by the members of the AgeRe Network. The network is a collective of Tumblr based communities and clubs who adhere to the same general safety rulings, overseen by a council of community/club representatives.

What's AgeRe?

AgeRe is short for age regression! Age regression is where one reverts to a more childlike state of mind. It's been recognized as a psychological phenomenon and everyone is likely to experience some form of age regression even if it's not a fully regressive episode. Many therapists and mental health professionals see as a valid and healthy way to cope with stress, trauma, mental illness. It can be anything from acting child like to not being able to do things an adult could do. People can regress to any age, from infancy to a young teen.

Regression should NOT be confused with ageplay. Ageplay and its related kinks (DD/LG, ABDL, CG/L, etc) are often confused with age regression but this is incorrect. True regression is nonsexual, has no power imbalance between a regressor and their carer, and is safe for minors. (for more info about the difference between age regression and ageplay, please check here)

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